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  1. lafe

    I am a master student and really new in embedded world..I saw your project on usb sniffer and I want to do something similar for my project….can I ask some questions?
    I use a Zedboard and I already bought a usb3300…I just want to use it to transfer the data of the communication of the two usb ports.
    I want to connect my PC to the host port and a usb device, like a printer, to the other port of the usb3300 module and monitor their communication (take the data that the printer sends to the Zedboard).
    I thought I could take them from the data(0to7)pins…
    My problem is that when I tried to connect the usb3300 with a pmod of the Zedboard the usb3300 overheated and broke down . I used the Vcc=3.3V voltage and the gnd….
    Is it possible that it does not want extra voltage supply?
    As you have work with this module…do you think that is possible this kind of communication?
    Do you have any advises?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you coz I’m a bit desperate!!!

  2. apri

    Hello, this project very nice, i want to replace ftdi to uart, is it possible? i use papilio duo board,

  3. Alvaro Lopes

    What’s the license of this design ? Is it LGPL ? I may need to use it to debug another USB3300-based design, but I will have to port it to a different FPGA board (Papilio Pro).

    Alvaro Lopes
    ZPUino project

  4. enes

    Hi, this is a really good work. What if I want to disconnect (tied to 0) the ftdi interface? Does it disturb the functionality?


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